Following your dreams?

This is what you might encounter if you don’t plan well.

I moved to Montreal in August with a plan as solid as a balloon.

My dream was to move to a city because I’d never lived in a metropolis before. I chose Montreal for the culture and the artsy vibe. I figured I will meet more artistic people and fuel my creativity. Living downtown in a studio, writing, bartending, and making a living; was one of my dreams.

I actually am living it. Just without the money that I imagined.

I didn’t think things through before moving here. I had seen way too many movies and just wanted to follow my heart.

Now, 3 months later, after blowing through all my savings, maxing out credit cards, and selling the only car I had, I am on shaky grounds.

I am spending 30-plus hours in french school and 30-something working every week. My monthly earnings are barely enough to cover my rent and groceries.

My net worth is in the negative 30,000 dollars. I’ve made mistakes but I have no regrets. My rent is due in 7 days and I don’t have it. Not even half of it. I do have a smile on my face still.

I left a high-paying job, a comfortable and stable lifestyle, love, and the opportunity to earn my bachelor's degree all behind, just to follow this dream I had.

Everyone’s telling me to go back to the town I came from, and pay off my debts first before continuing to follow my dream. I thought about going back and doing it the safe way but where’s the fun in that.

The way I look at it is as the beginning of a new journey. Things may be harder than ever right now but I believe I will survive. As long as I have my health, I am not worried about anything. Money is the last thing I care about, even though having more money will solve all my problems.

All I have now is “hope” that things will work out. I am doing everything I can to keep moving forward.

Sharing these words with you makes me feel good honestly. If I have to describe it, It’s a feeling of satisfaction when you have everything you want. I am grateful for it.

If you want to find your passion, find what makes you feel good.

I just wanted to share my story with you. So, you know the real me before you start reading more of the stories I write.

Also, if you are feeling down today just know that once you are through this dark tunnel, there will be light at the end. Don’t get scared. Don’t give up. Keep living.

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I compose thoughts & feelings into words | Twitter & Instagram: @jassaayia | Author of “Solitary Seasons” & “Impressions of an Outlier”

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Jass Khattra

I compose thoughts & feelings into words | Twitter & Instagram: @jassaayia | Author of “Solitary Seasons” & “Impressions of an Outlier”