The “what” and “why” of following a dream.

The secret to doing what we love and why

Jass Khattra
3 min readNov 24, 2022


I believe I have solid groundwork now. I can begin again with a better chance at success.

Let’s define success first.

Success to me doesn’t precisely mean to be able to generate income for me. The major motivation that keeps pushing me and is not letting me sit still is the thought of being able to “ENTERTAIN YOU” and inspire emotions in your heart.

I dreamed to be an actor. I still do. The writer wasn’t something that I ever looked at myself as. It’s a long story about how I came to terms with who I am, I’ll share it some other day. For now, what I am trying to say is, that I find joy in writing. It seems to silence all my thoughts and satisfy my urges.

This is not my first attempt at writing. I’ve tried before many times and have shamefully given up.

This time I strongly believe it is going to be different. I have a solid sense of the “what” and “why” of my dream. This time I know what I want. I am not throwing rocks into the abyss and hoping to hit something. I have found my aim and it is in my sight.

Jass Khattra

Here’s “why” I am doing it:

I want to grow emotions in you and make you wonder more. I want to give you goosebumps and make you smile. Laugh if possible. I want to make you feel something. If you learn something that’s great but I am not here to teach you. I am here to tell you a story and my very goal is not to bore you.

After reading what I publish and watching one of my videos, I want you to feel like yeah it was worth your time. Even though you may forget it after a bit but in that moment when you felt bored, you picked up your phone and looked me up because you thought I could make it better.

I simply want to entertain you. Be a clown, an entertainer for you. If I am able to help you forget your problems for a moment and take you away from your reality for a minute, I consider my purpose fulfilled.

I have a dream which I am working to achieve with my purest intentions and simplest words.

As a human, I have two sides which I am aware of. One of them is lighthearted, funny, and full of joy. The other is a philosophical, thoughtful and serious.

You are here to get entertained and feel more human. I will give you my best!

To find your passion, figure out “what” & “why” and you’d be on your way. The secret is that it’s always hiding behind the questions you ask yourself.

Thank you for reading.

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Jass Khattra

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